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Green Satin

Proudly Canadian Designed, Manufactured and Shipped!

30 - Day Quality Guarantee


The Easel.y & Tin.y Canvas

Bamboo Beauty for the Everyday Artist.

🎨 The Adorably Tiny 7" Art Easel 

Tiny, Adorable, and Beautiful all in one! perfect companion for your art studio, as a gift or for you desk!

🌟 Unleash Your Artistic Charm 

Showcasing your miniature paintings, artworks, phone, prints, and cherished photos!

🎁 Perfect Gift for Art Lovers!

Looking for a special gift for a fellow artist or a loved one? Easel.y has you covered! 

🌿 Crafted with Love

Proudly made from premium bamboo offering both safety and breathtaking beauty

🍁Fully Canadian!

Partnered with Lighforce Design, Supplied by Trotec, and all located nearby in British Columbia Canada!

💫 Elevate with Style and Elegance 

Individually laser-cut and engraved from sustainable bamboo, a touch of organic beauty!

🌱 Embrace Efficiency

Bite-sized canvases and easel displays enable you to dive straight into your painting!

⌛ Unleash Your Full Potential

Practice, experiment, take risks, and learn from mistakes without hesitation. 

Abstract Painting

The Easel.y

Tin.y Canvas

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