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Part 1 - 90's Paint Splatter Easel.y!

Updated: May 4

Oh hi, fellow painters!

In this painting adventure, I decided to take my artistic endeavors al fresco, setting up shop under the welcoming shade of my carport. With the warm rays of the sun brightening up my workspace, I embarked on a mission to transform a humble easel into a work of art in itself.

Enter the secret ingredient: iridescent medium.

With a stroke of genius (and a brush), I gave the easel a clear coat of this magical substance, adding a subtle sparkle that danced in the sunlight. Not only did it add a touch of whimsy, but it also served to seal the wood, giving it a protective layer akin to a varnish.

Armed with my trusty Princeton Select 1/4" angular shader brush and a couple of coats of Winsor & Newton Mars Black, I set to work, applying the paint evenly to the entire easel. Well, almost entire—the very bottom was spared 'cause no one will see it anyway!

And that, my friends, is where the video ends.

But fear not, because this is just the beginning of the artistic journey. Part two of this series promises a 90's paint-splatter extravaganza, a riot of color that will turn this humble easel into a galaxy of creativity.

So, grab your shades and join me under the carport as we dive headfirst into this colorful adventure. Stay tuned for updates as we unleash a whirlwind of creativity and paint-splattered magic that's sure to leave you dazzled. 🕶✨

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