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Feeling the Blues

Updated: Apr 29

I just love the effect of using a palette knife on the canvas. With each scrape, I get a unique and raw line than simply cannot be done with a brush. The way it blends my chosen shades together before my eyes is really darn satisfying! This is a great way to get through some artists block, too. Simply choose some colors that you like, one canvas, one palette knife, and away you go!

Preparing the Canvas

  • Applied two coats of Liquitex brand gesso, not seen in video.

Painting Technique

  • Used Liquitex brand #7 palette knife to scrape paint across canvas from top to bottom.

  • Used Winsor and Newton brand Winsor blue (phthalo blue), phthalo green, and craft brand turquoise.

Adding Details

  • Used pointed silicon-tipped tool and end of Posca brand acrylic marker to add details.

  • Mixed Winsor and Newton brand cadmium yellow with Liquitex brand iridescent medium, scraped it over not-yet dry canvas.

  • Added more detail with yellow using same pointed silicone tool.

Final Considerations on Varnishing

  • Varnishing could be done with either brush-on or spray method.

  • Would choose glossy varnish for final finish.

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