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Shabby Chic Part 2 - UPLOAD PART 1

Updated: May 5

Hey there, art aficionados!

Welcome back to the next chapter of my creative journey. In this installment, I delved deeper into the transformation of my humble easel into a masterpiece of nature-inspired artistry.

Unveiling the Process:

In this video, I picked up right where I left off. Armed with an assortment of tiny ferns and other leaves plucked fresh from my yard, I dove headfirst into the world of paint and pressed foliage.

The Palette:

But first, let's talk colors. For this enchanting endeavor, I selected a palette that sang with vibrancy and life. Golden brand Light Magenta, Liquitex Quinacridone Crimson, unadulterated Turquoise, and Cadmium Yellow were my trusty companions on this artistic voyage.

Dipping and Pressing:

With brushes poised and leaves at the ready, I began the delicate dance of applying the paint and pressing. Each leaf, lovingly coated, was carefully pressed onto the easel, infusing it with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

A Touch of Technique:

In addition to my traditional dipping and pressing method, I employed a clever technique to add a little something different to my creation. By using non-painted leaves as masks, I painted around them, leaving only the outline when the leaf was removed—a look I totally love!


And there you have it—the magic of Part 2 captured on canvas, or in this case, easel. I was aiming for a more minimalist appearance with this piece, because after all, it's not always the countless intricate details that define a work; there's a certain beauty in simplicity like this! Now go forth and create your own simple nature-inspired work of art! 🌿✨

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