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Danger Noodles - Part 2

Updated: May 5

Welcome back, fellow art enthusiasts!

So, about that 'Part 1' at the top of the video... Let's just say, we're keeping you on your toes with a little artistic twist! Who needs chronological order when you've got creative chaos, am I right?

It's time to dive into the thrilling conclusion of the "Danger Noodle" mini easel project. In this installment, we'll explore the final touches that bring this quirky creation to life.

Painting the Snakes:

Using my trusty 1/4" angular shader, I set to work painting the snakes onto the top part of the easel, using the same Hookers Green Hue tint as before. With precision and patience, I carefully outlined each snake using a #3 round brush in black, adding definition and detail to their slithery forms.

Adding Details:

But the fun didn't stop there. I reached for my black Molotow acrylic marker to outline the remaining edges of the easel, adding little scale details to the back support piece. With a stroke of creativity, I cleverly transformed the attachment point into the snakes' face, complete with beady eyes and a charming little bowtie under its chin.

Adding Depth and Interest:

To add depth and interest to the green snakes, I applied turquoise accents using the #3 round brush, giving them a bit of extra something that's sure to captivate. And to ensure crisp lines, I taped off the lower left and right of the easel where the living hinge is before switching back to the 1/4" angular shader to paint the bottom part of the easel green.

Finishing Touches:

While waiting for the paint to dry, I took the opportunity to inject a bit of whimsy into the scene. I drew little mushrooms around the base and painted them turquoise, adding a pop of color and charm. And because every masterpiece needs a touch of floral flair, I used a detail brush to paint delicate yellow flowers over the now-dry green area at the base and along each side of the snakes.


And there you have it—the "Danger Noodle" mini easel is complete! While I opted not to varnish it this time around, if I were to, I'd choose a semi-gloss spray-on for a subtle sheen that enhances the overall look.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic adventure. Until next time, keep creating, keep exploring, and never be afraid to let your creativity run wild! 🎨✨

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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