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Danger Noodles - Part 1

Updated: May 5

Good day to you, creative human!

I don't know about you, but I crack up every time I hear the terms "Danger Noodle" and "Nope Rope" used in reference to snakes. They're hilarious! So, when it came time to tackle my latest painting project—a snake-themed mini easel—I knew I had to inject some humor into the mix.

Setting the Scene:

Another sunny day, another painting session under the trusty carport. Armed with my paints and brushes, I set out to bring this quirky creation to life.

Color Palette:

For the color palette, I wanted a raspberry-like red and complimentary green to set it off. Mixing Liquitex Cadmium Red and Golden Light Magenta, I coated the entire easel in this creamy hue. But that was just the beginning.

Adding Depth:

Enter the Molotow black acrylic paint marker. With a steady hand and a touch of whimsy, I outlined the edges of the easel, giving it that classic comic-book feel. It's amazing what a few bold lines can do to bring a piece to life!

Adding Dimension:

But the fun didn't stop there. Using my trusty 1/4" angular brush and a mix of Liquitex brand Hookers Green Hue and Titanium White, I added a green tint to certain areas, adding depth and dimension to the design.


And that's where the video ends—but fear not, dear readers! This is just the beginning of the "Danger Noodle" mini easel saga. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I'll dive deeper into the creative process and unveil the final masterpiece.

So, until next time, keep painting, keep laughing, and never underestimate the power of a little humor in your artistic endeavors! 🐍✨

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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