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The Window

Updated: Apr 28

The possibilities are endless for a canvas shaped like a window! For my first one, I really wanted to do something that featured a lot of this gorgeous light magenta tint I had. So, I thought a nice pink sky should do it! And let's throw a dormant volcano in there too.. and a body of water. Perfect!

Preparing the Canvas

  • Applied two coats of gesso with a 1" flat Princeton Select brush.

Painting the Water

  • Used Princeton Select 1/4" angular shader with craft quality teal and Golden brand ultramarine blue.

Painting the Mountains

  • Painted mountains with a mix of craft quality teal and Winsor & Newton brand cadmium yellow.

  • Painted background mountains with Golden ultramarine and Winsor & Newton white mix using the same angular shader (rinsed first).

Adding Details

  • Washed off brush and painted picture frame part with blend of Winsor and Newton titanium white and Golden brand light magenta.

  • Used mix of craft black with light magenta to add depth to the sky.

Base Coating the Frame

  • Gave picture frame part a base coat of craft black.


  • Painting gets completed in another video.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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