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Froggie Island Vibes

Updated: Apr 28

For this froggie canvas, I wanted to play around with my palette knife some more, but I also wanted to do another realistic bit of seaside scenery. With the addition of another one of my favorite subjects, the flower, this painting was born!

Preparing the Canvas

  • Applied two coats of Liquitex brand white gesso. (not in video)

  • Used Washi tape to block out middle area for landscape detail.

  • Applied Golden brand ultramarine, Winsor and Newton cadmium red, cadmium yellow, and Liquitex brand chromium oxide.

  • Used my Liquitex Free Style #7 palette knife to scrape the paint across canvas.

  • Allowed paint to dry, then removed Washi tape from middle.

Drawing and Outlining

  • Outlined flower shape with black 0.7mm Posca marker.

  • Used 20/0 detail brush to paint ocean with ultramarine blue and craft brand teal.

Painting the Sky and Islands

  • Used pale teal tint for sky.

  • Painted tropical islands with chromium oxide, shaded with wash of Winsor and Newton mars black.

Adding Details

  • Outlined flower again with yellow 0.7mm Posca marker.

  • Drew tropical leaf outlines on frog's body with same marker.

  • Switched to white to draw in the clouds.

  • Used 20/0 Princeton Select Petite round detail brush to add shine to waves.

Adding Further Detail

  • Used blue and yellow 0.7mm Posca pens to add more detail to colorful abstract parts of frog's body.

Final Considerations on Varnishing

  • Would choose a spray-on semi-gloss varnish for final finish.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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