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Pirate Themed Hexagon Trio

Updated: Apr 27

Three at once! This one was really satisfying to paint. I had just gotten these new hexagon shapes and wanted to make something really special on them, and I thought, 'well, I haven't done anything pirate-themed yet!' So off I went to design something that had all the key elements in it.. a ship, a skull, and a treasure chest! And naturally, set in a lush, tropical scene with a moody sky.

Preparing the Canvases

  • Taped three canvases together with Washi tape.

  • Applied two coats of gesso (not shown in video).

Painting the Sky

  • Loosely applied Liquitex brand titanium white, Winsor and Newton brand phthalo blue, cadmium red, and burnt sienna for the sky.

  • Blended colors together with 1" flat brush.

  • Used Liquitex freestyle #7 palette knife to create unique effect from the bottom up.

Drawing the Scene

  • Drew scene with white 0.7mm Posca acrylic marker.

  • Used black 0.7mm Posca paint marker to solidify scene details.

Painting the Ground

  • Used Liquitex chromium oxide green with cadmium yellow for the ground.

  • Scraped across with palette knife.

  • Used palette knife to paint area under treasure chest.

Adding Details

  • Used #3 round brush to add cloud details in purple made with Winsor & Newton brand phthalo blue, cadmium red, and titanium white.

  • Drew ship, skull, and path details with black and white Posca brand markers.

  • Painted skull and bones with a minty mixture of phthalo blue, titanium white, and cadmium yellow.

  • Used 1/4" angular shader to paint green wash for path.

  • Used 20/0 round brush to add birds in sky and additional finishing details.

  • Traced over edges of plants and the palm tree with 0.7mm black Posca marker.

  • Added pink to clouds and flowers with 0.7mm pink Posca marker.

  • Brushed on some Liquitex Iridescent medium around the treasure chest to make it look like it was shining.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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