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Cozy Tropical Print Pillow

Updated: Apr 27

I've had the supplies to make this pillow sitting around for so long, so I finally decided to just make it! Honestly I'm really glad that I did, because no other pillow in the whole house is nearly as nice as this one is. Both Jeff and I love using it throughout the day, either as a way to raise up a snack plate while we're watching TV, or as back support in the evening while we're watching movies!

Fabric Preparation

  • Started with pre-washed yard of Singer brand cotton fabric in Flamingo Flowers Teal.

  • Measured desired pillow size (17.5 x 17.5) and made cuts with sharp scissors.

  • Cut another yard of Singer brand fabric in Green Plaid to same size, using previous cut square as guide.

Pinning and Sewing

  • Turned fabrics over, ensuring both fronts were touching, and pinned them in place using Singer brand plastic ball-headed pins.

  • Used my Singer heavy duty sewing machine to sew them together, leaving a small section at least 4" wide unsewn.

Finishing Touches

  • Cut corners off with sharp scissors, being careful not to cut too close to seam.

  • Turned pillow right side out and stuffed with blend of memory foam and microfiber that I had left over from an old pillow I'd previously bought.

  • Paid special attention to stuffing corners first.

  • Once filled the way I liked it, sewed opening closed.

Check out the following links to get the same fabric and supplies that I used!

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