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Chill Tropical Leaf

Updated: Apr 27

While watching other artists on various social media, I was inspired to try to recreate a leaf using a watercolor look with acrylics. I choose a palm-like leaf, which I'm fortunate to see everywhere here in the beautiful country of Panamá!

Preparing the Canvas

  • I applied two coats of gesso with a 1/2" flat brush. (not in video)

  • Started by taping off outer sections of canvas with Washi tape.

  • Applied wash of Liquitex chromium oxide green and cadmium yellow to edges.

Painting the Leaf

  • Used a #6 round brush to paint watery mixture of cad yellow and chromium oxide green for leaf.

  • Faded leaves from yellowy to greener at bottom for effect.

Creating Border Designs

  • Removed Washi tape and used Liquitex Free Style #7 palette knife to scrape phthalo green and phthalo blue (also known as Winsor blue) for border designs. I made sure not to fuss with any parts that were missing paint. I really liked that look!

Adding Detail

  • Once dry, used white 0.7mm Posca marker to draw on a variety of tropical leaf designs. I tried to make each leaf a bit different to keep it interesting.

Final Considerations on Varnishing

  • Would seal with a spray-on varnish in glossy or semi-gloss.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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