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Peaceful Farm

Updated: Apr 27

I began this one knowing that I wanted to paint a farm scene for my dad. He grew up in a very small neighbourhood in Quebec along the Saguenay river, and always had a soft spot for the classic farm scene. I wasn't sure at first what kind of crop I wanted to paint, so I thought of what would work well with texture medium, and settled on lettuce!

Preparing the Canvas

  • Started by painting the sky with phthalo blue and titanium white using a 1/2" flat brush.

  • Applied Washi tape, then painted distant hills with a tint of Golden brand ultramarine blue and titanium white.

  • Removed tape when hills were dry.

Painting the Scene

  • Painted foreground hills with mix of Liquitex chromium oxide green and white for left hill, and pure chromium oxide green for right hill.

  • Used a 1/4" angle shader by Princeton Select to block in the silo, farmhouse, and tree with mars black.

  • Added leaves of trees with #3 round brush.

  • Colored farmhouse and silo with shade of Liquitex muted grey and cadmium red.

  • Added detail with white, then yellow Posca brand acrylic paint pen.

Adding Texture and Detail

  • Painted soil with raw umber using #3 round brush.

  • Applied Liquitex coarse texture medium with silicone-tipped tool for texture in foreground.

  • Separated texture medium into wide rows with pointed silicone-tipped tool.

  • Used same tool to apply and shape heads of lettuce.

  • Added distant crops with chromium oxide green using #3 round brush.

  • Added tractor and crops with black and red Posca markers.

  • Applied wash of titanium white and phthalo green to dried texture medium blobs with #1 round detail brush.

  • Added more detail around farmhouse and colored soil around lettuce with raw umber.

Final Considerations on Varnishing

  • Would opt for semi-gloss spray-on varnish if varnishing were to be done.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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