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Blue Fairy of Mushroomlandia

Updated: May 4

The fantasy world of fairies, gnomes, mushrooms, and pixies became a huge interst of mine when I was a teen.

Applying the Base Coats

  • Started by applying two coats of Liquitex brand white gesso with a 1" flat brush by Princeton Select.

Painting the Sky and Mushroom Stalk

  • Used a 1/4" angular shader brush by Princeton Select to apply Winsor (phthalo) blue for the sky, blended with titanium white for a soft gradient effect.

  • Painted the main mushroom stalk using the same angular shader brush and titanium white.

Creating Clouds and Mushroom Cap

  • Used a Princeton Select 20/0 round detail brush to create the clouds.

  • Blocked in the mushroom cap with white.

  • Applied cadmium red to the top and underside of the mushroom cap using the angular shader brush.

Painting Additional Details

  • Painted several smaller mushrooms using the detail brush.

  • Blocked in the fairy with titanium white and painted her hair with phthalo blue.

  • Added spots to the top of the mushroom with a white 0.7mm Posca brand acrylic marker.

  • Outlines the mushroom with red 0.7mm Posca brand acrylic marker.

  • Applied iridescent medium to the wings using the detail brush.

  • Outlined the fairy's body with phthalo blue for depth and shadows.

Adding Final Touches

  • Added spots of cadmium red wash to the wings for interest.

  • Drew in details like the fairy's face, strands of hair, freckles, and a tiny mushroom in her hands with the 20/0 round detail brush.

  • Added red butterflies to the sky around the fairy and cadmium red wash to the bottom of the clouds.

  • Applied a Winsor & Newton brand raw umber wash to the mushroom stalk to give the appearance of a light coating of dirt. Also used under the fairy to indicate a shadow.

Considerations on Varnishing

  • If varnishing, I would choose a brush-on or spray-on semi-gloss for a protective finish.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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