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Abstract Swirl

Updated: May 1

This crazy awesome canvas shape immediately made me think of a swirling galaxy. I didn't end up making it actually look like a space scene, but I think I kept the vibe with my simple interpretation of the swirling gasses that surround the formation of a planet. Often the process of painting is just as rewarding as the outcome, so I just had fun with this one and took my time blending the colors, and not worrying too much about the final result. This ends up being a good option to revisit in the future as part of a larger mixed media project!

Applying the Base Coat

  • Started by applying one coat of Liquitex brand white gesso. (Not shown in video)

Adding Paint to the Swirls

  • Directly applied Winsor and Newton brand cadmium yellow, cadmium red, phthalo green, and Winsor (phthalo) blue to the swirls. I also used Liquitex brand Cadmium-Free Orange.

  • Kept the orange, red, and yellow to one spiral arm, and the green and blue to the other.

  • Used a Princeton Select 1/4" angular shader brush to blend the paint.

Applying Iridescent Medium

  • Applied Liquitex brand iridescent medium to the canvas and brushed it into the still-wet paint.

  • Allowed it all to dry completely.

Drawing on the Canvas

  • Drew swirls and lines on the canvas with both a yellow and a blue 0.7mm Posca acrylic marker.

Creating Unique Effects

  • Dipped finger in some craft brand turquoise and stamped it into the center of the canvas over phthalo blue for a unique effect.

  • Added turquoise and phthalo blue to the three hanging accent bits of the canvas with my Liquitex brand #7 palette knife.

Considerations on Varnishing

  • If varnishing, I would use a spray-on glossy varnish for a shiny finish.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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