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Neon Girl

Updated: May 1

Who doesn't like to have a little fun once in a while with a new way to paint? This was my first time trying the idea of paint blobs applied to the canvas like this. And I'd give it a 10/10, would paint again! It was really satisfying to see the colors unfold with each brushstroke, instead of trying to control where they go with intention and precision. A great way to break out of a creative block!

Drawing the Design

  • Started by drawing a design of a girl with flowers, aiming for a coloring-book-like style.

  • Used a black Molotow brand acrylic paint marker for the outline.

Applying the Aura-Like Ring

  • Applied an aura-like ring of paint dots above her head.

  • Used Liquitex soft body fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink for the dots.

Blending the Paint

  • Used a 1" Princeton Select angle brush to pull the paint upwards away from the subject.

Adding Dots to the Girl's Head and Cheeks

  • Applied dots of paint to the girl's head and cheeks.

  • Used Winsor and Newton brand permanent rose and Winsor (phthalo) blue.

Creating Stripes and Squiggly Details

  • Swiped the paint downward with a 1" brush.

  • Used Liquitex ultramarine blue soft body paint around her head over the previous now-dry paint.

  • Pulled away only sections of the ultramarine with the same brush.

  • Added more fluorescent pink over the blue stripes.

  • Gave each blob some squiggly detail with a #3 round brush.

  • Used Liquitex soft body cadmium yellow over the pink.

  • Pulled out some more squiggles with the #3 round brush.

Coloring the Flowers

  • Used a bit more cadmium yellow to color the flowers in her hands, and added a few stars to her head.


  • Would choose a glossy spray or paint-on varnish.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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