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Twilight Owl

Updated: May 1

I think we all know that owls are adorable and should be featured in as much art as possible. With this one I wanted to see just how small I could paint a realistic owl, and the answer is, extremely small! I chose a Northern Saw-whet owl as my inspo, because it doesn't get much cuter than that! This was also my first time using this canvas shape, and I loved it! The unbroken center helps focus the viewers attention the middle, and the outer cut-out bits really prove that unique canvases only add to the appeal of the finished piece.

Applying the Base Coats

  • Started by applying two coats of Liquitex brand gesso. (Before filming started)

Painting the Sky

  • Blended Winsor & Newton Winsor (Phthalo Blue) and craft brand turquoise for the sky.

  • Mixed some permanent rose with the blue for the lower portion of the sky.

Painting the Tree

  • Used a Princeton Select 1/4" angular shader to paint the tree with phthalo blue and mars black.

  • Filled in leaves on the tree using a #3 round brush.

Adding Clouds and Details

  • Used the angular shader to add clouds with Golden brand light magenta.

  • Added Liquitex cadmium-free orange and cadmium yellow for additional cloud details.

  • Added depth to the clouds with a tint of titanium white and phthalo blue.

Drawing and Painting the Owl

  • Used a 20/0 round detail brush by Princeton Select to draw in the owl.

  • Painted the owl's feathers, beak, and eyes with Winsor and Newton brand raw umber, cadmium-free orange, titanium white, and mars black using the same brush.

Considerations on Varnishing

  • If varnishing, I would choose a matte, satin, or semi-gloss spray-on varnish for a protective finish.

Check out the following links to get the same paints and brushes that I used!

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