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Introducing Easel.y: Your Perfect Companion for Miniature Masterpieces!


🎨 Discover the Adorably Tiny 7" Art Easel 

Easel.y is not just an ordinary easel; it's a delightful work of art in itself. Crafted with love by Natalie Harvey, this luxurious miniature easel is designed with artists in mind. Whether you're an aspiring painter or an experienced artist, Easel.y is here to enhance your creative journey.


🌟 Unleash Your Artistic Charm 

Imagine showcasing your miniature paintings, artworks, phone, prints, and cherished photos on this enchanting easel. Easel.y transforms any small slab-like item into a captivating masterpiece that demands attention. Let your creativity shine by adorning your desk, workspace, or mantle with beautiful hand-painted treasures.


💫 Elevate Your Art with Style and Elegance 

Easel.y is not just a display tool; it's a statement of sophistication. Individually laser-cut and engraved from sustainable bamboo, each easel boasts a unique natural grain pattern, adding a touch of organic beauty to your artwork. These thoughtfully designed easels perfectly complement your desired aesthetic, allowing your art to take center stage without overpowering it.


✨ Introducing the Natalie Harvey Signature Series 

Discover the pinnacle of art display and collectibles with our exquisite Natalie Harvey Signature Series Mini Easels. Embrace the charm and elegance of these premium easels, meticulously crafted to capture your imagination. Elevate your art to a new level of distinction and indulge in a truly captivating painting experience.


🎁 The Perfect Gift for Artists and Art Lovers 

Looking for a special gift for a fellow artist or a loved one who appreciates art? Easel.y has you covered! With our wide range of designs, you can select the perfect easel that resonates with your unique style and personality. Make someone's day by presenting them with a gift that celebrates their artistic passion.


🌱 Embrace Efficiency, Embrace Mini Easels 

In today's fast-paced world, time and money are precious resources. Large-scale art projects can be costly, time-consuming, and come with a high risk of failure. Enter our Mini Easels, designed to revolutionize the way artists create. These bite-sized canvases and easel displays enable you to dive straight into your painting with minimal setup and materials. Experience the joy of rapid iteration, unleash your creativity, and learn more without the burdensome commitment.


🏞️ Embrace the Freedom of Space 

Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces and unfinished projects haunting your creative sanctuary. Our Mini Easels take up minimal space, ensuring that unfinished artworks won't linger, interfering with your creative flow. Embrace the freedom of a tidy and inspiring environment, ready to spark your imagination at any moment.


🌿 Crafted with Love and the Environment in Mind 

We believe that art and sustainability go hand in hand. That's why Easel.y is proudly made from premium bamboo sheets, offering both safety and breathtaking beauty. By choosing our eco-conscious easels, you contribute to a greener future, one brushstroke at a time.


⌛ Unleash Your Full Potential, With Time To Spare! 

Time is a precious commodity, and we want you to make the most of it. Easel.y empowers you to set up quickly, embrace bite-sized painting sessions, and alleviate the pressures of creating a masterpiece. With reduced time and cost commitments, you can practice, experiment, take risks, and learn from mistakes without hesitation. Rediscover the joy of painting, unlock your full potential, and savor the premium painting

Easel.y - Swirls

SKU: ME0005
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