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Introducing Easel.y: Your Perfect Companion for Miniature Masterpieces!


Easel.y is not just an ordinary easel; it's a delightful work of art in itself. Crafted with love by Natalie Harvey, this luxurious miniature easel is designed with artists in mind. Whether you're an aspiring painter or an experienced artist, Easel.y is here to enhance your creative journey.


🎨 Discover the Adorably Tiny 7" Art Easel 
Tiny, Adorable, and Beautiful all in one! perfect companion for your desk and art!


🍁Canadian Made, Canadian Manufactured, Candian Shipped!
Patnered with Lighforce Design, located nearby our home in British Columbia Canada!


🌟 Unleash Your Artistic Charm 

Showcasing your miniature paintings, artworks, phone, prints, and cherished photos!


💫 Elevate Your Art with Style and Elegance 

Individually laser-cut and engraved from sustainable bamboo, a touch of organic beauty!


🎁 The Perfect Gift for Artists and Art Lovers 

Looking for a special gift for a fellow artist or a loved one? Easel.y has you covered! 


🌱 Embrace Efficiency, Embrace Mini Easels 

Bite-sized canvases and easel displays enable you to dive straight into your painting!


🏞️ Embrace the Freedom of Space 

Say goodbye to clutter and unfinished projects haunting your creative sanctuary!


🌿 Crafted with Love and the Environment in Mind 

Proudly made from premium bamboo offering both safety and breathtaking beauty


⌛ Unleash Your Full Potential, With Time To Spare! 

 Practice, experiment, take risks, and learn from mistakes without hesitation. 

Easel.y & Tin.y Canvas - Bundle

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