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I often find myself looking through a window at the beauty of the world , and feel inspired, so I though I'd take that concept further with this Window frame shaped canvas!

 My Easel.y Window of PossibilityTin.y Canvas is an exclusive custom cut, canvas meant to inspire, get creative with all our unique shapes found on our store. This canvas was hand designed by myself, custom cut to order by Lightforce Design and ship to your door!


🎨 Perfectly Sized for Fast and Fun Painting Projects 

Discover the ideal companion for our Signature Series Easel.y Mini Easels or a standalone painting project: our modest 4.5" x 3.5" (1,150mm x 900mm) Miniature Canvas. Designed with convenience in mind, it's the perfect canvas size for quick bursts of creative expression.


🌟 Crafted with High Quality Archival Materials 

We believe in preserving the longevity of your art. That's why our Miniature Canvas is made with high-quality archival materials. With triple primed, museum-grade canvas, and a solid, sturdy MDF backing, warping is a thing of the past. Focus on your artistic journey without worrying about the durability of your canvas.


⏱️ Embrace Shorter Project Times for the Busy Modern World 

In today's fast-paced world, time is precious. Our Miniature Canvas allows you to indulge in artistic expression without the lengthy commitment. Whether you have a few minutes or a couple of hours, these bite-sized projects fit perfectly into your busy schedule.


💰 Save Paint, Reduce Waste, and Save Money 

Say goodbye to wasted paint and unnecessary expenses. Our Miniature Canvas requires a smaller quantity of paint, minimizing waste and saving you money. Embrace efficient painting sessions and unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.


🎨 Collect Your Own Art and Curate a Beautiful Miniature Collection 

With Easel.y's Miniature Canvas, you have the unique opportunity to curate your own art collection in a stunning array of mini masterpieces. Each piece represents a moment of your artistic journey, a reflection of your creative spirit. Let your collection grow and tell your story, beautifully displayed on our Signature Series Easel.y Mini Easels.


Embrace the joy of collecting your own art and transform your creative space into a gallery of personal expression.


Let Easel.y's Miniature Canvas be your canvas for self-discovery and artistic growth. Start curating your own miniature collection and immerse yourself in the beauty of your own artistic creations.

Tin.y Canvas - Window Of Possibility

SKU: TC0004
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